Our Vision

  • Every Californian should have a chance to work, to discover their potential, and to share that potential with others. This also happens to be the surest way to an inclusive, robust and resilient economy that prepares the next generation to thrive as workers, employers, inventors, parents, and civic stewards.

  • All Californians deserve a political process that prioritizes collaborative, evidence-driven problem solving; models respect, inclusion, civility, and accountability; and manages their tax dollars prudently.

  • We can claim success when Californians statewide report they are personally experiencing the effects of a more inclusive economy, and feel valued and empowered.

Our Values

  • Good public policy can help make people’s lives better.
  • Multipartisan collaboration is possible, and most likely to lead to policies that endure.
  • Policy should be built on verifiable data and substantial input from the people it will impact.
  • Listening and discussion among people with different views in pursuit of common understanding and common ground is an essential step in crafting good public policy.
  • Individuals have significant power to make their communities better, and a responsibility to try to do so; This is what compels us as Californians to come together to share, hear, think and act.

Our Impact

We seek to…

  • Grow a deep, diverse, committed coalition calling for Access to The CA Dream for All.
  • Support the work of other organizations in this space to accelerate collective progress.
  • Increase public awareness of these issues and support for the 2030 CADream4All Goals.
  • Provide information to public officials that improves the quality of policy proposals and program implementation.
  • Effectively promote evidence-driven approaches designed for accountability and inclusion and needed to restore trust and confidence in government’s ability to solve big problems.
  • Help CA offer a replicable model for evidence-driven policy formation, enactment and implementation that can solve problems while strengthening productive relationships between the public and their (our) government.

Endorse The CADream4All Vision and Goals