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We seek to identify and build broad, diverse support for policies that assure all Californians access to sustained economic security, opportunity and mobility and that can inform and guide the California State Legislature, State Governor, and other policy makers and influencers at all levels of government. 

Our Vision

Every Californian should have a chance to work, discover their potential, and share that potential with others. This is also the surest way to an inclusive, robust, and resilient economy that prepares the next generation to thrive as workers, employers, inventors, parents, and civic stewards

All Californians deserve a productive political system that prioritizes collaborative, evidence-driven problem solving; models respect, inclusion, civility, and accountability; and manages tax dollars prudently

We can only claim success when Californians statewide report they are personally experiencing the effects of a more inclusive economy, and feel secure, valued and empowered




Attainment of certain conditions, related to shelter, healthcare, employment, education & childcare, and the opportunity for civic participation, is the recipe for security and self-sufficiency that allows individuals the freedom to pursue their chosen path in our contemporary world.


We call this the California Dream for All.


It’s also among the smartest things we can do as a state: This foundational set of conditions will best enable society to discover and nurture the talents of every Californian, irrespective of region or race, which in turn maximizes the number of people working at what they do best; it enriches families and the communities of which they are a part, and it prepares our full population to embrace the future.


The reality today however, is that record numbers of Californians, from birth through old age, are trapped in perpetual economic insecurity with an intergenerational hold. It’s inhumane, it’s bad business, and it severely constrains our ability to prepare for the economic, technological and environmental challenges heading our way (rapidly).


Whether we change is our choice. We know what to do; we just need to decide to do it, by when, and how. We are eager to join with policy makers, the private and non-profit sector, and colleagues and friends everywhere to transform our state into one that assures all Californians access to the following necessary conditions for sustained economic security, opportunity and mobility:

   A Home that…

  • Is affordable (30% or less of annual income)

  • Is in a safe neighborhood

  • Has clean air and water, access to public services like parks and open space

  • Has high speed internet service

  • Is a short distance to groceries and other essential businesses

  • Has access to transportation, including to work, that is affordable, safe and reliable

   (Affordable, Safe, Healthy, Connected)


   Healthcare that…

  • Includes affordable prenatal care, screenings, immunizations, and regular check-ups

  • Includes affordable care for illness, emergencies, prescriptions, and mental health

   (Affordable, Comprehensive, Preventive)


   Employment that offers…

  • Reliable/Predictable living wage jobs

  • Pathways to work in well-paid growth careers

  • Workplace policies that support working families

  • The ability to save for emergencies and retirement

   (Stable, Family-Friendly, Fair, Enables Saving)


   Education & Childcare that…

  • Are affordable and reliable for working families

  • Extend continuously from early childhood through an adult’s working life

  • Successfully prepare toddlers, youth and adults for the next phase of education or work

  • Are flexible, to accommodate people with a range of needs and constraints 

   (Affordable, Continuous, High Quality, Flexible)


   A Foundation for Civic Participation that…

  • Provides all Californians basic knowledge of how government works, and how to inform and influence it

  • Maximizes voting access, encourages informed voting, and assures the integrity of the electoral system   

  • Is designed for inclusion, transparency and accountability, for informed decision-making and spending

    (Accessible, Representative, Accountable, Informed)

Every Californian should have access to the California Dream--

The future of our state depends on it.

If you share this vision, please join us.

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