How This Started

In Nov 2016, twelve individuals (a few Democrats, a few Republicans and a few independents) started a conversation about what (more) might be done to better connect California’s extraordinary and diverse resources to the vast yet dormant potential that our state’s full population represents. The discussion quickly revealed strong agreement that obstacles to economic opportunity and mobility in California faced by people in all regions of the state were probably the most significant hindrance to economic, social and civic progress statewide. The group also agreed these conditions were morally unacceptable, getting worse, and that each of us who can has a personal responsibility to take action to help change them. That was the beginning of The Collaborative.

We chose initially to focus on actions that could bring people together, identify new allies, and be reasonably easy to manage, which led to the Open Letter to “the Next Governor of CA,” self-published on Medium in May, 2018. That letter argued that delivering truly inclusive economic opportunity and mobility statewide is the way to ensure every Californian has access to the California Dream. It also enabled us to share with our fellow Californians that there is significant support for putting problem-solving above partisanship and prioritizing evidence-driven solutions, to produce a new and better economy and culture that Californians throughout the state can see and feel, while modeling respect, inclusion, civility, and accountability. We published a subsequent Open Letter on February 4, 2019, with a similar message to Governor Newsom.

The Collaborative’s connective tissue is belief in the vision and values (shown in the next tab), and a shared, deep commitment to do more, until we fully accomplish the task at hand. We are thrilled but not at all surprised at how many Californians are joining this effort, and are always contemplating what more we can do to amplify and accelerate the very significant work already underway in this area. If you want to join this conversation, consider endorsing the CADream4All Vision and Goals and complete this CADream4All Preferences SurveyWe’d love for you to join and add to this effort.

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