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Every Californian should have a chance to work, to discover their potential, and to share that potential with others. This also happens to be the surest way to an inclusive, robust and resilient economy that prepares the next generation to thrive as workers, employers, inventors, parents, and civic stewards.

All Californians deserve a political process that prioritizes collaborative, evidence-driven problem solving; models respect, inclusion, civility, and accountability; and manages their tax dollars prudently.

We can claim success when Californians statewide report they are personally experiencing the effects of a more inclusive economy, and feel valued and empowered.


Attainment of the below assets (A Home, Healthcare, Employment, Education & Childcare, and A Foundation for Civic Participation, as defined below) is the recipe for security and self-sufficiency that in turn allows individuals the freedom to pursue their chosen path in our contemporary world. This is the New California Dream.

It’s also the foundational set of conditions that will best enable society to discover and nurture the talents of every Californian, irrespective of region or race, which is among the smartest things we can do as a state: It maximizes the number of people working at what they do best; it enriches families and the communities of which they are a part, and it prepares our full population to embrace the future.

The reality today however, is that record numbers of Californians, from birth through old age, are trapped in perpetual economic insecurity with an intergenerational hold. It’s inhumane, it’s bad business, and it severely constrains our ability to prepare for the economic, technological and environmental challenges heading our way (rapidly).

Whether we change is our choice. We know what to do; we just need to decide to do it, by when, and how. So let’s commit. We are eager to join with the Governor and Legislature, the private sector, the non-profit sector, local governments, and colleagues and friends everywhere to transform our state into one that assures all Californians access to the following necessary conditions for sustained economic security, freedom and mobility: The California Dream:

1. A Home that…

  • Is Affordable (Cost of mortgage or rent should be 30% or less of annual income)
  • Is in a Safe neighborhood
  • Has Clean air and water, access to public services like parks and open space
  • Has High Speed Internet Service
  • Is a Short distance to groceries and other essential businesses
  • Has Access to Transportation, including to work, that is affordable, safe and reliable

(Affordable, Safe, Healthy, Connected)

2. Healthcare that…

  • Includes Affordable prenatal care, screenings, immunizations, and regular check-ups
  • Includes Affordable care for illness, emergencies, prescriptions, and mental health

(Affordable, Comprehensive, Preventive)

3. Employment that offers…

  • Reliable/Predictable living wage jobs
  • Pathways to work in well-paid growth careers
  • Workplace Policies that support working families
  • The ability to Save for emergencies and retirement

(Stable, Family-Friendly, Fair, Enables Saving)

4. Education and Childcare that…

  • Are Affordable and reliable for working families
  • Extend continuously from early childhood through an adult’s working life
  • Successfully prepare toddlers, youth and adults for the next phase of education or work
  • Are Flexible, to accommodate people with a range of needs and constraints

(Affordable, Continuous, High Quality, Flexible)

5. A Foundation for Civic Participation that…

  • Provides all Californians Basic knowledge of how government works, and how to inform and influence it
  • Maximizes Voting access, encourages informed voting, and assures the integrity of the electoral system  
  • Is Designed for inclusion, transparency and accountability, for informed decision-making and spending

(Accessible, Representative, Accountable, Informed)

…by 2030


Next Step: The Collaborative will be developing the details of how to accomplish and measure progress toward the above goals; Please stay tuned and help us get it right.


Current Endorsements:
(* = For identification only)


Ashley Swearengin, President and CEO, Central Valley Community Foundation, Former Mayor, Fresno

Michele Siqueiros, President, Campaign for College Opportunity

Sam Blakeslee, Founding Director, Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; former California State Senator, Assemblyman, and Assembly Republican Leader

Virginia Hamilton, former Regional Administrator, U.S. Department of Labor

Kathay Feng, National Redistricting Director, Common Cause; former Executive Director, California Common Cause*

Pete Peterson, Dean & Senior Fellow, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, Davenport Institute, Pepperdine University*

David B. Smith, CEO, X Sector Labs; former Managing Director, Presidio Institute; Co-Founder of CalOZ

Jonathan Stein, Voting Rights Program Manager, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus*

Duf Sundheim, Fed. Court Approved Mediator; Principal, GPS Mediation; former Chair, CA Republican Party

Pete Weber, former Vice-President, FMC Corporation; former CEO, TeKnowledge, Inc.; former CEO, Riverbend International; Founder and Chair, Fresno Bridge Academy; Co-Chair California Forward

Zabrae Valentine, Co-founder, CA Forward and the CA Forward Action Fund

Hilary Hoynes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy; Co-Director, Berkeley Opportunity Lab, University of California Berkeley

David Grusky, Professor of Sociology; Director, Center on Poverty and Inequality, Stanford University

Sarah Bohn, Director of Research and Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California

Bill Bloomfield, President, web service company (retired)

Jeannine English, former State and National President, AARP; Former Executive Director, Little Hoover Commission; 2018 Stanford Fellow, Distinguished Career Institute

Laura N. Chick, former Ca Inspector General for federal stimulus funds; former L.A. City Councilmember; former LA City Controller

Rob Lapsley, President, California Business Roundtable

Melissa R. Michelson, Professor of Political Science, Menlo College, Author

Deborah S. Mintz, former Chief Advancement Officer, Beyond 12

Pam Calloway, Executive Director, The Bread Project

Jim Cunneen, former State Assemblyman; former CEO San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

Elisabeth Mason, Venture Philanthropist; Founding Director of the Stanford Technology, Opportunity and Poverty Lab, Stanford University

Larry Rosenthal, Program Director, UC Berkeley Center on Civility & Democratic Engagement

Kristin Connelly, President and CEO, East Bay Leadership Council*

Drew Liebert, former Chief Counsel, California Assembly Judiciary Committee

Malka Kopell, Co-Founder, Civity

Jen Pahlka, Founder and CEO, Code for America

Roger Niello, Business Owner; former State Assemblyman; former County Supervisor

Megan Joseph, Executive Director, Rise Together Bay Area

Norman Kline, Founder and CEO, LibraryWorld, Inc.; former Mayor, City of Saratoga

Micah Weinberg, President, Bay Area Council Economic Institute

Elizabeth Hill, former Legislative Analyst, State of California

Autumn McDonald, Director, New America CA

Roy Ulrich, President, California Tax Reform Association

Jessica Eastman Stewart, Executive Director, GO Public Schools Oakland

Marci Harris, CEO and Co-Founder, POPVOX

Gabe Kleinman, Director of Portfolio Services & Marketing, Obvious Ventures

Kate Schwass, GreenLight Fund

Ryan Rauzon, Communications

David Vasquez-Levy, President, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California

Mary Herbert, California Director, Small Business Majority

Dianne M. Millner, former Board President of Disability Rights California; 2018 Fellow, Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute

Kristin Olsen, Stanislaus County Supervisor; former Assembly Republican Leader; Partner, California Strategies

Radhika Shah, CoPresident Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs, Founding Chair, Tech Advisory Group Stanford Handa Center for Human Rights, Advisor SDG Philanthropy Platform

Helen F. Neville, Retired Kaiser Nurse; Author; Parent Educator; Concerned Baby Boomer

Michela Bedard, My New Red Shoes*

Christopher J. Nellum, Senior Director, Higher Education; The Education Trust—West*; Imperial Valley native

Sunne Wright McPeak, President and CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund, former Secretary of the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency; former President and CEO of the Bay Area Council

Michael Andrade, Writer/Artist; Longtime California Resident 

Margi Power, Governing Board Member, Hillsborough City School District; Program Director, Leadership San Mateo, Foster City, Burlingame and Hillsborough

Ted Lempert, President, Children Now; Co-founder, former CEO, EdVoice; former California State Assemblyman

Nora Silver, Founder and Faculty Director, Center for Social Sector Leadership, UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business

Dan Schnur, Professor, Annenberg School of Communications, University of Southern California; former Chairman, California Fair Political Practices Commission

Dowell Myers, Professor of Policy, Planning, and Demography, Sol Price School of Public Policy, USC

Moira Kenney, Executive Director, First 5 Association of California

Valerie Lynne Kane, Policy Analyst

Marian Kaanon, President/CEO, Stanislaus Community Foundation

Michael Brownrigg, Councilman and twice Mayor, City of Burlingame; Founding Partner, Middle Bridge Capital; Managing Director, Total Impact Investors; former US diplomat

Jay Harris, President & Publisher, Public Intelligence, Inc.; former CEO & publisher, Mother Jones; 2018 Fellow, Stanford Distinguished Career Institute

Michele Godwin, Senior Manager of Partnerships for Students Rising Above; public high school teacher for 17 Years

Carolina Martin, Students Rising Above

Heather McLeod Grant, Co-Founder, Open Impact

Patrice Berry, FUSE Executive Fellow, Office of Mayor Libby Schaaf; former Director, College Track, East Palo Alto

Annie Ulevitch, former COO, Tipping Point Community

Caroline L. Whistler, CEO and Co-Founder, Third Sector

William Pace, Former Board Chair and Current Advisory Board Member, Pacific Community Ventures; Former Senior Fellow, Encore

Amelia Ahl, MBA Candidate; former Consultant, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees

John Pimentel, President, White Hat Renewables; Co-founder, Independent Alliance for California

Kunal Merchant, President and Co-Founder of CalOZ

Pete Manzo, President & CEO, United Ways of California

Jamie Gardner, Partner, X Sector Labs

Terri Feeley, Founder and Principal, Workforce Success; former Executive Director, SF Works

Pete Weldy, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Todd Dipaola, CEO and Founder, inMarket; Co-Chair, Represent.Us*

Reginald Tucker-Seeley, Assistant Professor, USC

Julia Lopez, former President and CEO, College Futures Foundation

Sarah Swanbeck, Executive Director, Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans

Deb Nankivell, CEO, Fresno Business Council

Ernie Ludy, CEO, 10xHealth

Kay O'Neill, Senior Strategist, Workforce and Economic Development at MYND.Global; former Director, workforce development, Cañada Community College

Carla Javits, President and CEO, REDF    

Mark Herbert, California Director, Small Business Majority

Marcie Gutierrez, Architect; Small business owner; Mentor, East Bay College Fund; Concerned parent

Vanessa Aramayo, Executive Director, Alliance for A Better Community

Ratna Amin, former Transportation Policy Director, SPUR

Jim Heerwagen, Founder and Chair, The Voters Right to Know Project; Founder/CEO IQVine & Sunvolt Nanosystems

Lindsay S. Callahan, President and CEO, United Way of Fresno and Madera Counties                                                                                     

Stephen Levy, Director, Center for Continuing Study of the  California Economy

Karen Alden, Early Learning Advocate; Founder, Good2Know Network

Jesse Rothstein, Professor of Economics and Public Policy; Director, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment; Director, California Policy Lab; Co-Director, Berkeley Opportunity Lab, UCB

Hadar Aviram, UC Hastings College of the Law

Mindy Romero, Founder and Director, UC Davis California Civic Engagement Project

Melissa James, President/CEO of Hourglass Project

David Wolf, Executive Director Emeritus, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (Western Association of Schools and Colleges); Co-Founder, Campaign for College Opportunity

Natalie Foster, Co-chair, Economic Security Project; Advisor, The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative

Elise Buik, President & CEO, United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Manuel Pastor, Professor of Sociology & Director, USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity

Joel Fox, Founder and Editor, FoxandHoundsDaily.com

Jacob DuMez
San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment
Travis Moore
Steve Westly
Former California State Controller
Sean Kline
San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment
Sandra Smith
UC Berkeley Sociology
Nick deWilde
Managing Partner at Tradecraft
Marjorie Goodwin
Former Communications Associate, Public Policy Institute of California
Larry Kubal
VC -- Labrador Ventures
Ashley Green
Caroline Danielson
Policy Director and Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California
Dixon Slingerland
Youth Policy Institute
Karthick Ramakrishnan
Center for Social Innovation, UC Riverside
Shakari Byerly
Managing Partner and Lead Researcher, EVITARUS; Former Manager of the California Governance Project at the Center for Governmental Studies
Marc Philpart
Radhika Shah
Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs
Joan Blades
Debbie Greiff
Debbie Greiff Consulting, strategy and cross-sector systems change
Michael Shires
Associate Dean for Strategy, Pepperdine School of Public Policy
Christine Ratto
Concerned retired nurse
Travis Mabry
Concerned worker
Charles Belle
Executive Director, Startup Policy Lab
Ben Austin
Kids Coalition
Hilary Jordan
Health and Wellness Professional
Robert Adipietro
Geoff Ball
Community Facilitation / Conflict Resoluition

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